Artist Profile

I hold a BA in Fine Art from the University of Waterloo in Canada, and I work from my studio at my home in beautiful Vancouver, where I now live with my husband and daughter.

I love to paint on silk and on canvas, two very different media, both of which challenge and motivate me in creative ways. For the last year I have been keen to revisit working on canvas, while my silk paintings are an ongoing source of joy.

I love to celebrate the beauty of God's creation found in nature and "bring the garden in," hoping that my work will encourage those who see it. Colour, texture and pattern fascinate me, and I continue to be inspired by the myriad colours, textures and patterns found in nature.

"Earth is crammed with Heaven
And every bush aflame with God,
But only those who see take off their shoes."

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I see art as a positive means of expression and communication between people - a language all its own. In my own work, I feel it is important to encourage each other to appreciate the natural world around us. In so doing, I hope to bring us back to a sense of the wonder and beauty of life.

Kathy King